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AFOL Night 2018

Hi friends :)

Afol Night will start in Saturday, 08.09. At 18 h (always consult Timetable when in doubt :) (link)

This is what will happen:

  • We will start with dinner
  • If we have any contests that are not finished, we will finish them (finals, usually:)
  • Following with giving medals to the lucky winners of whatever medal is for
  • Following with tombola, where we will choose lucky winner for a set (nothing fancy:) and maybe few more things, well, animals
  • Following our member Srdjan will show you few LEGO themed tricks (he is, after all, the magician, and we never used that!:)
  • Following, we are going to the "Brick&Mug" club for a party (with live music on English, same place as last year:)
  • When they throw us out, we go home :) By foot, 15 minutes to hotel

And that concludes AFOL Night in Saturday ;)

Remember, there is one "night with AFOLs" on Friday also, and Sunday chill-out day on the river, with barbecue, boat rides and draft beer (all free, of course:)

See you in two weeks!

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