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Cheering - multilanguage

Hi guys!

We have traveled all around the world visiting AFOL events, and the most important thing we have learned - how to say "cheers" on every language we had encountered :)

As we think it is important to make new bonds in this way, let as share the knowledge - "cheers" on all the languages from countries that have or will visit us concluding with 2017 - if we missed someone, please msg us trough nemamime@yahoo.com (Ivan)

Bosnian: Živjeli! (Zhee-ve-lee)
Brazilian: Saúde! (Saw-oo-de)
Bulgarian: Наздраве! (Naz-dra-vey)
Croatian: Nazdravlje! (Naz-dra-vlee)
Danish: Skål! (Skoal)
Dutch: Proost! (Prohst)
French: Santé! (Sahn-tay)
German: Prost! (Prohst)
Greek: ΥΓΕΙΑ! (Yamas)
Hungarian: Egészségedre! (Egg-esh ay-ged-reh)
Italian: Salute! (Saw-lutay)
Portuguese: Saúde! (Saw-oo-de)
Serbian: Živeli! (Zhee-ve-lee)
Slovenian: Na zdravje! (Naz-drah-vee)
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