Belgrade LUGs United is organized by the team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!

Milica is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 065 608 9515 Skype: milica.lalovic71
Neso is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 65 847 4916 Skype: shonerius@gmail.com
Grab Bags!

Life is not fair. Or so they say. That also means that it can be better on your side, leaning for "life is not, fair, I've just won lottery". Or so they say :)

So, here is one more thing, that is available only for those who are close (not fair, I know): GRAB BAGS

What is the idea behind LUGS UNITED? We want to have fun with friends What is our mission, vision, long and short goals? We want to have fun with friends What does that mean? That means that, if you come to LUGS UNITED, you are not threated as guest, but as friend. Because you are one, or you will become. Meaning, if you don't come next year, we will be worried and contact. And while you are here, you will be treated as a friend, and we expect you threat everyone else as friends - and even better - get to know them, and really become friends.

So, the GRAB BAGS. We are going to make an atmosphere where members or club can(will) pack plastic bags filled with bricks we don't need or rarely use, so others who need them can take them

The GRAB BAGS will be stationed on a GRAB DESK that will be just near the INFO DESK - so our members will be present, and can help and overseer - only registered guests can take or leave a GRAB BAG

Yes, leave - you can also make a grab bag, any size you want, and leave it on a GRAB DESK for any other registered visitor to take

This is a new concept, where we rely on greatness of YOU :) Let's see how it will work out, and here is the example of the GRAB BAG, some boats, the green thingy that comes from a new pumpkin leaves plant (skilled mocers love them, the point is, you can't buy it on bricklink, and it makes a great twine climber, empty box from newest Millennium Falcon, etc.

Rest of examples include parts from our PBB and garage sales that we got, but never use (like tan panel, we have thousands of them, nobody ever use them in mocs, we keep them in Play Bins for kids to use - maybe there is a mocer who will make Sistine Chapel with it :)

So remember - lave or take whatever you want. Don't ask, there are no rules - do what you think is right :) Take or leave as little or as much as you desire, or just pass the whole GRAB DESK and don't shed a single thought about it :)

And be happy :) You have just become part of the Family ;) And Family cares Welcome

Come as guests, leave as Family ;) Image description Image description