Belgrade LUGs United is organized by the team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!

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LU18 followup! yeeeeeey

On this topic you have testimonials from some of the participating Visitors (link) (you need to have access to LAN)

I will quote some from LAN posts:

Balasz Kiss (The Racingbrick - HUN): "this weekend was my best LEGO event experience ever"

Rafal Piasek (Zbudujme - POL): "I too think this was my greatest Lego connected weekend"

Bostjan Svetlicic (Kocke - SLO): "we had great time at superbly done event! " "this time Ivan really DID IT, he managed to make perfect AFOL bonding event! "

Mike Kidonakis (Thegricks - GRE) "You united the Lugs, you brought all of us, the lug ambassadors and members, closer each to other"

Mirona Constantin (Rolug - ROM): "it was my third participation in LUGs United exhibit and I can say without any doubt that it was the best one!"

Kerstin Walker (LBRICK - GER): "This event is refreshingly different from the usual exhibitions, due to its focus on socialising"

Zoran Cadjenovic (Legija - SER): " I can honestly say it was the best one yet"

Dear Friends, One can only be blessed with such a great guests! This event would be nothing worth mentioning without you - you represent the real spirit of LU and Beokocka - fun, creativity, beauty, our slogan

So, this is retrospective of activities and short follow-up of what happened in those six days (yes, six:)

Wednesday 05.09.2018. - setting up for people from region

Thursday 06.09.2018. - guests start arriving. Continuation of setting up, unofficial diner in the evening on the huge terrace of residency. His excellency Mr. Hougard decides to join us, and we spend few pleasant hours chatting with real Danish ambassador, in cozy and private atmosphere, with some exotic wines he brought to the table. Funny, we discuss simple things in life, and more pleasant one, like, why are AFOL conventions so pleasurable

Friday: the rest of guests arrive. We are continuing with setup, and introducing guests one to another. We have special small team who has only one task "Hi Mike, haaaaaaaaaaaave you met Ted?" To introduce people who never met each other one to another. Internally, we call them social jockeys.

At 19h we are going to Friday Night Dinner, to the "Hill of Beers" (Vracar) restaurant, where we chitchat. In the same time, on the other "Hill of Beers"(Banovo Brdo), our non-speaking members have the same diner, same party (Hill of Beers is actually too small to take everyone in). The premise was decorated with banners and creations, and tables had ton of LEGO bricks for mingling while talking

During Diner, our ambassador greets everyone on their native language, with sentence: "Dear Friends, it is a great pleasure to have you here this weekend. I hope you will have a great time, and this is start of a beautiful friendship. Cheers!" Some of us who speak languages he used can tell you that he was horrible, but the thought is what counts :) He annoyed everyone for a weak just repeating those sentences, so, Klingon accent is ok (we know he will post this on LAN:)

After that we signed our traditional giant Sign Brick

When dinner ended, few ambassadors and club members stayed until they kicked them out. We call them "hard core team". You could recognized them next morning, they were all with eyes on half of spear ;)

Saturday 08.09.2018.

ambassador meeting - an unbelievable 3h ambassador meeting where the ambassadors talked about super important topics or something else, as we normal mortals were not invited. Three hours. You really take you job seriously

Presentation - Jacek from Beokocka made a presentation about the process of making large scale creations, called "maxifigs" or "statues". It was impressive to hear about making of 17m long Titanic, 5m long Batmanomobile or how he creates human statues, and problems of creating yes and lips

creations - our "small is the new black" policy states that AFOLs can build masterpieces even in small scale, and this event proved that - such a marvelous creations, and each can fit a palm. The yard was full of bubbles from Romanian team bauble making machine made totally from LEGO bricks. You can find a ton of pictures at the bottom of this post

Testing the car - there was a car testing presentation in the yard

Collaborative mosaic - we finished a huge scale 4x4m large mosaic together, with so much obstacles (we had to run to Romania for parts!). It was a bonding experience for all of us contributing

Games - farting puppies were a total hit. We learned in previous conventions that the most important thing about contests is someone who does narration and inspires other to get involved - our contests are never focused on those who play - but on those who watch. So there is always a crowd when we make games, because of humorous aspect we inject them with

After the day of activities, we had AFOL night. AFOL Night started with dinner, continued with medal giving, where we observed behavior of guests and our members and gave medals for some things (for example, for best technic moc, or the one predicted to be the craziest one on a party later that evening, or the most pink used in a moc, or the one who came from furthest away). After medals we had Tombola, where we prepared small amount of gift bags and sets - not much, but from the hearth. Special shout out for Herbert from LGOE who contributed his moc, microscale of Danube tower to the prizes - a really wonderful gest. We gave medals during AFOL Night - each gold, each unique with special encription "King of games", "Party dragon" and similar. You can read the full description of medals here (link)

After AFOL night we went to "Brick&Mug" (real name) club to AFOL party, where we stayed until 6 in the morning (great stamina, guests:). The music was live, loud and mostly rock, and there was not a person who didn't dance. The house was full, like our hearths, and live music will forever be part of our conventions

Sunday 09.09.2018. Some of guests left us. Everyone else went to Sol Beach resort, a raft on a river from a club member, where we chilled out the whole day, with barbecue, drafted cold liquids and quite music, so we can talk. River is fantastic, and unbelievable clean - when you put a cup in water and take it up, it is like from tap. We had a lifeguard present at all time, even during boat ride (we had a boat ride:) After chill out we went to tearing down, after that some more guests left us, and the rest of us from club went to diner (again) to Hill of Beers (Banovo Brdo), where we stayed as long as we could keep our eyes open

Monday: 10.09.2018. Tearing down continued, and we spent more time with some hardcore guests who stayed longer. We said good bye to even more guests, and then (yet again) we gathered whoever was left and we (yet again) went to Hill of Beer for diner :) There, we finally said good bye to all the guests who were still in Belgrade, and we went home, ready to just fall in bed and sleep for a week...

...when Ivan called us and said we got another huge event and we need to gather 2500 m2 of creations until December.

Tuesday: 11.09.2018. we finished packing and brought boxes to storage unit, and we went to dinner where we discussed the huge December event offer. A dozen of club members celebrated the good event in park near storage

And thus it ended, for us, seven wonderful days

Extra notes:

We have a wonderful new mascot thanks to Paul Lee, and we will build it live next year, in 1m scale. Everyone is invited to join in.

Grab Bag Boot was a success - visitors heard the message, and they brought really a lot of extra bricks and accessories

Our working members (in shirts with Beokocka's logo also sent their thanks saying you were wonderful guests, with zero hardship for them - they hardly had to do anything, so they joined in socializing - during presentation, Info Desk was abandoned :)

Holotags were a great touch we plan to keep - we did learn one thing, thought - when handling holotags, do it in gloves :)- We always fail with White Board concept - we always envision it as a board where guests will leave us messages about the event, but we envision words, and we get (every time) pictures. We do cherish them, thought :)

There you go :) A fantastic week, we are looking forward for LU19, the seventh one.

For pictures, check our Memories page (link)

Stay safe and keep on building

With love,

Beokocka collective

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