Belgrade LUGs United is organized by the team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!

Milica is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 065 608 9515 Skype: milica.lalovic71
Neso is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 65 847 4916 Skype: shonerius@gmail.com
Save money for party!

Just come! We will take care of the rest ;)

We have some good news: with some engagement, we are now able to cover all hotel costs for all registered guests who are not from Belgrade, both international and domestic

Actually, it has already been taken cared of - visit your appointed apartments, and don't worry about anything except mocs and AFOL Night(s) ;)
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