Belgrade LUGs United is organized by the team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!

Milica is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 065 608 9515 Skype: milica.lalovic71
Neso is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 65 847 4916 Skype: shonerius@gmail.com
Small is the new black

Hi guys! :)

We will start a trend - if you are a visitor, and you bring a MOC - bring something small - something that goes on the palm, or at least not bigger then 48x48

We want you to have fun. To have room in your bag for all the bricks you will take home. To spend more time socializing with buddy AFOLs and not worry about setting up. Don't worry, clubs from Serbia will bring enough to still cram every table in the event

Also, we have a saying in Serbia: "You have to mature to the simplicity"

Take a look at miniatures some world class builders used to make our event more beautiful:

Image description