Belgrade LUGs United is organized by the team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!

Milica is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 065 608 9515 Skype: milica.lalovic71
Neso is here to help you! Phone/Viber: +381 65 847 4916 Skype: popovic_neso@hotmail.com


Check out our Visitor's kit for additional info!

For Croatian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greece, Portugal, France and Bulgarian citizens, the entrance to the Republic of Serbia is possible with an ID card. Related Links:


For other countries, please refer here.

We will issue official invitations to anyone bringing MOCs, signed, stamped, and addressed to the contact data you’ll provide with your registration to the event.

For the use of taxi services from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to any destination in Belgrade area, please contact the city service TAXI INFO desk, located in the baggage reclaim area. If this one is not working, there is one located immediately after you exit the baggage reclaim area, right next to the exit door.

Be aware to NOT take a taxi from anyone who approaches you – they usually charge much more. Please take a taxi receipt at the information desk – it should state your end destination in Belgrade and the ride price. The price is fixed (1800 dinars for any location in the city center). See more info about the taxi here.

A1 is the only bus frin the airport to the city center. This bus has a couple of stops before it reaches its final destination, Square Slavija. Slavija is well-connected with the rest of the city and you can take public transport or a taxi from there.

The price for the ride is 150RSD (~1.2 euros).

Where to go:
Takovska 8,
Deciji Kulturni Centar Beograd

Check the accommodation page. We have some nice offers to share :)

There is only one BusPlus ticket for every type of transport. You can buy them at any paper store in the town. They are pre-paid, hence you need to buy a BusPlus card (once) and then fill it up with the amount you want. One ride is 89 dinars, so you can fill it up with e.g. 500RSD if you plan to use it.

No. The official currency in Serbia is Serbia Dinar (RSD). Click here for currency rate. You can find many ATMs and Currency Exchange offices in the city center. Cash may be taken from ATMs installed in all major malls, bank offices and in public places 24/7/365. Foreign currency can be exchanged in numerous banks and exchange offices.

Also, a Friendly AFOL Buddy will always be there to help

Nominal voltage is 220V and frequency of the current is 50Hz. Type C is the common type of plug.
There will be Charging Booth in AFOL Lounge for all of your charging needs, with a few spare chargers for Android and most common Laptops - so, if you make some extra place for LEGO bricks, don't worry, we have you covered. :)

The official convention language is English. But if you are interested, we could help you with some Serbian slang. ;)
Most Belgrade citizens, if not all, speak English. 100% of youth and young adults are more or less fluent in English.

Police: 192
Fire Department: 193
Ambulance: 194
AMSS help on the road: 1987

Belgrade has a moderate continental climate. The weather in first half of September is warm with daily temperatures from around 10°C (minimum temperature) to around 25°C (maximum temperature), with the chance of rain and wind.

Belgrade lies in the Central European time zone – CET so our local time is UTC/GMT+1 hour. Because of daylight savings from end-March to end-October the time is GMT + 2 hrs.

Yes, tap water is safe to drink. Water fountains through the city are safe to drink from, unless stated otherwise on the fountain.

Please get in touch with your Friendly AFOL buddy. He/she will connect you (he/she always knows a guy, who knows a guy, who can sell 1x2 trans clear tiles. :)

Stay safe :) Belgrade is totally safe, all areas are safe to walk through and, besides some pick pocketing through tourist crowded areas, there is almost no crime. Still, stay smart and logical. Everything crime-related is highly unusual.

Serbia has more or less the same laws like the rest of Europe. Smoking is allowed in clubs and pubs, unless stated otherwise.
Smoking is not allowed inside event premises, including AFOL Lounge.

We are smart, a pleasant mix of Southern and Eastern Europe

Air draft is a national enemy of Serbia; don't be surprised if no windows are opened in buses.

PPaying bill for friends is considered a privilege and great honor. Never argue with a Serb who said that he/she will pay for your drinks, if you know him. If it is a stranger, do not accept, unless you want a friend that will stick tag along for the rest of the event. :)

Mothers and sisters are loved and utterly respected.

Fast food is everywhere ok to eat.

Our drivers know their cars are stronger then pedestrians, so look when crossing the street.

When cheering and knocking glasses with drinks, look person in the eye - it is the sign of great respect. Not looking the person you are cheering with in the eyes is considered utter disrespect. :)

It is considered normal, meeting new people in clubs when done in a polite way, so make some new friends! :)

Everyone loves football, basketball and Novak Djokovic in Serbia, and gladly talk about them.

Burek (with cheese or meat) is a great breakfast in Serbia, accompanied with cold yogurt. Sold in bakeries, on every step in Belgrade.

Our mothers insist we must eat something with spoon at least four times per week.

We love or hate your neighbors. There is no middle ground.

We don't care about opinion of others.

We don't like to work at all.

We are always late.

We like to laugh, party and drink rakija.

Rakija is Serbian Schnaps made out of (domestic) plum. Watch out, it has a nasty after bite. Also, try Beokocka's FAN Weekend special rakija in the AFOL Lounge.

Serbs are loud. We are a cheerful people who like to celebrate every occasion. And we don’t keep the joy for ourselves and like to spread it and share it. This is one of the reasons why Serbs are so fun to be around.

Serbs are proud about heritage, natural beauty and athletes

Serbs hate the topics of politics and war.

We like food. Be sure to try "kajmak" and "ajvar". Food is amazing, and very cheap.

We DO love to party. And you can choose from club, bar, cafe, pub, splav (pub on water) or kafana (orthodox pub).

Cyrillic (ćirilica) is the typical Serbian script, so you might be confused as many of the signs in Serbia are written in it. However, people in Serbia, especially younger people, tend to speak excellent English, so you’ll have no problem finding your way around.